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Trump's EPA 'Evisceration'

Proposed budget cuts would make many environmental laws basically unenforceable.

President Donald Trump is fulfilling his vow to drain the swamp—if climate scientists and environmental regulators qualify as swamp dwellers.

His proposed budget for the next fiscal year, released Thursday morning, would drastically slash the Environmental Protection Agency, eliminating 50 programs and 3,200 positions. Of all cabinet-level agencies, the EPA would be saddled with the largest budget reduction at 31 percent.

The downsizing is even more extreme than it appears because it comes on the heels of severe budget cuts that followed the Republican takeover of Congress in 2010 and the budget sequestration deal of 2011. EPA's budget of $8.2 billion this year was already down by more than 20 percent from $10.3 billion in 2010. It's smaller today than it was in 2004—and that's without adjusting for inflation.

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