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Somebody Ordered 22 Pepperonis and 9 Margaritas To a Festival and the Delivery Guy Lost His Mind

The poor guy spent hours at Pitch Festival searching for 'Steve'.

Yes, the food lines at music festivals can be epic and yes, the food itself can be over-priced garbage, but spare a thought for Hamish Bradbury who spent hours at Pitch Festival last week carrying 31 pizza boxes while searching for someone called 'Steve'.

According to a Facebook post, Hamish says that he was assigned by his employer Pizza Hut to deliver "22 pepperonis and 9 margaritas" to Pitch Festival in regional Victoria, but ended up "exhausted and baffled" after wandering the festival site asking multiple people "Are you Steve?"


Some footage of the perils and hardships of delivering pizza at a music festival have also surfaced with Music Feeds posting this video:

Prank or no prank, Hamish's efforts have not gone unnoticed with Pitch Festival offering the now 'ex pizza delivery guy' a free ticket for the event next year.

Image: Hamish Bradbury/Facebook