Watch a Paddle Boarding Artist Paint a Mural on a Waterfall
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Watch a Paddle Boarding Artist Paint a Mural on a Waterfall

Sean ‘Hula’ Yoro painted his new ‘Maka’u’ piece while battling the rapids of a water conveyance system.
March 17, 2017, 3:40pm

In one of his most dangerous ventures yet, paddle boarding street artist, Sean 'Hula' Yoro, paints his new temporary mural amidst the running rapids of a giant manmade water fall. Like the majority of Hula's paintings, the image he creates interacts with the body of water it was produced in. With the Maka'u mural, a female subject is portrayed holding onto a rope with her head and shoulders slightly above water level. The mural is arranged to look as though the rest of her submerged body is getting pulled downstream by the conveyance system's running water.


The idea for the Maka'u mural stems from Hula's desire to push himself outside of his comfort zone. In a video documenting the new work, Hula says, "As much as I fear dying, I fear leaving this world with regrets even more…What if I had accomplished more? What if I had tried harder? What if I didn't stay where I was comfortable?" Surprisingly enough the dangerous conditions of the mural's locale didn't seem hinder the quality of Hula's painting—the final product was as vibrant and unblemished as any of his other works.

Hula says the piece itself was a symbol of holding on to your dreams, something he feels he struggles with daily as a creative. "There are so many variables pushing you to let go your passion, from fear to insecurity, which is what I wanted the rushing water to represent," he tells Creators. "With this piece, I was inspired to capture the raw power of water which I grew up familiar with as a surfer. Definitely the most adrenaline pumping environment I have ever painted in, it was a mental battle to stay out there and finish the mural. The intense roaring of the water and wind sweeping over was nothing I ever felt before."

Check out more of Hula's work on Instagram.


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