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Donald Trump Eats Dry-Ass Steak with Ketchup. Sad!

On Saturday night, Trump went out for a meal at BLT Prime, a steakhouse in Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC. What happened next shocked the world.
Photo by Stephen Lovekin/WireImage for Hill & Knowlton

We've known for a while that Donald Trump orders his steaks well-done, a culinary affront for which he's been trolled at at least one campaign rally. But wait, there's more: We now know that he also reportedly likes to slather those brown, chewy, dead-as-a-doornail beauties in ketchup.

On Saturday night, Trump and a group of companions went out for a meal at BLT Prime, a steakhouse in Trump's new Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC that's become a hotspot for foreign diplomats. A journalist with the Independent Journal Review got a tip that Trump would be dining there and arranged to sit near Trump's preferred table.


Things start out pretty normally, with a few shrimp cocktails, but when the entrees arrive, we get this (not-so) juicy tidbit. "The President ordered a well-done steak. An aged New York strip. He ate it with catsup as he always does," a waiter anonymously told the IJR. Oh boy.

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The steak was presumably a 30-day dry-aged New York Strip, which runs $54. It's probably a great steak, but it has to be hard to tell after it's been cooked to smithereens and drowned in "catsup."

Other details emerged in the IJR account—for example, Trump tipped a busboy a $100 bill, and Nigel Farage made an appearance at the bar with a cocktail earlier in the evening and a huge glass of red wine and "winestained" teeth later on. But the ketchup, as people in the 21st century tend to spell the word, really stole the show.

The anonymous waiter also told IJR that, "At one point, the President looked at his watch and remarked, 'They are filming Saturday Night Live right now, I wonder what they are gonna do to me this week."

Well, they let him off light this week, but it's safe to assume they may have some ideas for next week.