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Download this Off-Kilter House Remix of Barrio Lindo

Broken beats and ancient rhythms on Glenn Astro's remix of "Libres."

It's a rare occasion, but sometimes you get a press release that's better than anything you could write on the subject. Exploring the meaning behind Argentine producer Barrio Lindo's new album, Menoko, some unnamed publicist writes, "Deep within the Andean Forests there are sacred places, springs of purity known as Menokos. Hidden and untouched by man or animal, they are whispered, home of virgin water. Womb of the natural cycle from which plants and herbs of extraordinary medicinal abilities are nurtured." How beautiful is that?


The man behind Menoko is an instrument maker by trade, and you can hear the emphasis on thick, organic percussion in this Glenn Astro remix of his track "Libres." It's a stripped-back, syncopated rhythm tool with a broken gait that is as awkward as it is funky. The original is a Chancha via Circuito-style chunk of psychedelic, dubwise cumbia, and the Astro Remix remix kicks it up for the peak time crowd. It's fresh off of Menoko, which is available now digitally and in double-LP format on purple vinyl.

Cop the digital on Bandcamp and the limited purple vinyl on Crosstalk International