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TMP's Top 5 Male DJs Who Rock!

These guys prove that men deserve a spot in the limelight, too! Because they're so talented!

Get with the program, it's 2014 and male DJs are here to stay. A recent THUMP article stated that a mere 82% of DJs are male, but everywhere we go, we're seeing more and more dudes on the decks. And come on, why do we even have to call them male DJs? What really matters is how well you select, mix and work the room. But damn, are these guys hot! So mind your ladyboners, ladies (and some of you guys too!) and pull up a chair, because these guys are DJs and men at the same time! WHERE MY BOYS AT?


5. Steve Angello

The only thing dreamier than this Swede's eyes is the way his music will make you feel. The ex-Swedish House Mafioso is too much man to share a stage with anyone else. As a solo artist, Steve writes, producers, mixes, arranges and performs all on his own. Plus, did you know that Steve can bench press 150 lbs and wears a size 13 shoe? Hot male DJ alert! So talented.

4. Adventure Club

The only bad thing about Adventure Club is that you might get distracted from their awesome music by the copious hunkage going on in the booth. These guys stay true to their own and look effortlessly cool the whole time. Between their appetite for bass and our appetite for them, we don't know who's hungrier! And you know what? We don't care!

3. Martin Garrix

Not only did he invent big room house in 2013, Martin Garrix did it while having one of the cutest smiles in dance music. He shares a manager with Bieber and his songs get played on the radio making him not only a talented male DJ but a successful one too. And guess what? After his birthday a few months ago, he's legal!

2. DJ Brett Henrichsen

Smart and talented, Brett's main genres are vocal and progressive house. In between playing white parties around the world, from California to Europe to Down Under, Brett finds time to produce original music as well. More than just a music maker, Brett has a mind for business too, with years of experience running a label and promoting parties. Also, is Brett easy on the eyes or what?

1. Calvin Harris

Don't be fooled by the pretty package, this guy is also a DJ! Calvin first caught our attention when he recorded a track with Ellie Goulding called "I Need Your Love." This guy has real potential and might even become one of the biggest male DJs of all time. One thing we know for sure: Calvin Harris is arguably one of the hottest male DJs in the game!