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Listen to Soliterre's "Double Life" If You Want to Know What It's Like to Own a Yacht

When vaporwave comes full circle and the smoothness becomes natural.

Finding refuge in nostalgia is an inherently flawed strategy but goddamn does it ever feel good. It sounds good too, especially in the hands of Vancouver's Adam Wazonek a.k.a. Soliterre. His new song "Double Life" is an unabashedly sparkling disco jam with zero modern pop or EDM concessions. It is pure yacht, perfectly suited for sailing through the bay while the wind sweeps through one's long hair and beard. Listening to "Double Life" turns you into this picture.


On the song, Soliterre says that "it's the story of desire and the duality of a dancer who can't help living in a double life." No smooth is better than conflicted smoothness. Listen to "Double Life" below.

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