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Best Of 2012: 7 Online Time-Wasters That Kept Us Sane

In case you hadn’t heard about the worst uses of your time at work.

It’s a been a long, hectic year, as we’re sure it’s been for you, and we’ve all worked harder than ever at our jobs. But we have to admit that we certainly weren’t hard at work 100% of the time. There were a handful of little online time-wasters that helped us maintain out sanity by giving us a much needed break from the daily grind. Hopefully you caught wind of some of these this year, but if not, there will be plenty of work hours to burn away in 2013 as well.


Staggering Beauty

This is a simple one we kept coming back to. It looks pretty harmless at first, but click on the screen, spaz your hand back and forth real fast, and watch what happens. Be warned, it involves lots of flashing colors.


This game from Molleindustria puts you in the shoes of a remote attack drone operator. Turns out killing people, even from thousands of miles away, doesn’t make for good living.


Here’s a simple little time-waster that turns the lines you draw into smoke. It can really suck you in once you get the hang of it.

Moog Google Doodle

When this addictive Google Doodle came out on Robert Moog’s birthday, we had some of the guys from Proximal Records make tracks using it. You can check those out here.


This is a really strange but soothing game. The premise is that you’re a little guy on an asteroid and you see another asteroid coming towards you so just jump in a tin can spaceship and go over there. Get past a hookah-smoking man by skiing past him. That’s just the first 25 seconds.

Terry Crews’ Muscle Drum Kit

Terry Crews made an incredibly generous gesture this year by allowing the general public to use his muscles to control a virtual drum kit. We just hope he’s comfortable in that seat, he’s been sitting there for months.

The “WoahDude” Subreddit

This is the holy grail of time-wasters initially passed on to us by our friends at Motherboard, who waste a record amount of time here at VICE. Go to WoahDude for GIFs, pictures, and videos that will blow your mind.

Happy Holidays! Don’t work too hard in 2013!