This story is over 5 years old.


Man Becomes A Magnet For Color In David Broner’s Superdreamer

This hallucinatory animation depicts a set of special spectacles that turn the world into a cluster bomb of color.

David Broner’s animation Superdreamer is a psychedelic explosion of a video and is kind of reminiscent of the visual spectacle of Enter The Void, but slightly lighter in tone and without the heady first-person POV.

It shows a blind man, made up of pixelated blocks, searching for his glasses and when finding them seeing something that goes way beyond our usual visual perception, witnessing a gravity-less rainbow world. As our protagonist walks through a sky room he becomes a magnet for colour as flying objects surrounding him morph into his body. And he laps it up.

This visual cluster-bomb is set to a soundtrack of digital sounding vocals at different tones and volumes, fired around, colliding and smashing into each other at a rapid rate to make some sort of techno choir music—which works perfectly.