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Manhattan's Skyscapers Get A Turner-Esque Makeover In These Multilayered Photographs

Florian Mueller series Multivision makes New York’s skyline even busier.
October 3, 2012, 12:37pm

Forget light painting and forget 3D—there’s a new pretender to the throne when it comes to experimental photographic techniques, and that’s multilayered composite photography. We’ve previously seen Stephanie Jung’s photographs of European cities and Pep Ventosa's impressionistic take on famous landmarks, and now photographer Florian Mueller has created similar compositions in his Multivision series.


‘3D was yesterday’ he says, ‘Here comes Multivision! A new series of multilayered and multi-exposured photographies. Hectic and calming at the same time. A kind of contemplating wimmelbild.’ The first photos in this series take a look at Manhattan, as the already crowded skyscaping landscape gets ever more cluttered and the layered images take on a painterly look, turning these solid structures into towering specters.

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