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'Daily Mail Australia' Used a Section Boyz Photo to Illustrate a Gang Violence Story

Lovely stuff. The group have responded on Twitter.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

This article originally appeared on Noisey UK.

On Monday (January 30), the Australian outpost of newspaper/hamster cage liner The Daily Mail published an article about Melbourne's Apex Gang, and gang violence in general. And in a move so breathtakingly Daily Mail that it'd almost be an Onion article if it weren't so gross, it appears that instead of sourcing a picture of the group in question (whose members are predominantly black,) they figured that any group of black boys would do, and fished out an image of London grime crew Section Boyz, who recently performed with Drake. Though the faces in the Daily Mail's version of the image are blurred, it's pretty clearly the same picture that was posted on Section Boyz' Twitter late last year (see a side-by-side below). Section Boyz, rightfully pissed off not only by the use of their photo, but by the exaggerated tone of the article too, tweeted in response:

Though the publication has now changed the image, you can see an archived version of the original post here. Their image choice was picked up by Australian media analysis forum, ABC Media Watch. FIX UP is right.

(Image via Section Boyz on Twitter)