Zeina's "Regina George" Is a Soulful Ode to All the Mean Girls in Your Life

"Fetch" is dead, long live "fetch."
February 1, 2017, 3:47pm

Mean Girls is arguably the greatest, most influential screenplay to impact the minds of this generation. Montreal singer/songwriter Zeina knows this, which is why her new single "Regina George" is such a triumph. A portrait of a queen bee past her prime who "smokes away her sorrows," the song makes the most of Zeina's soulful croon and Prezident Jeff's lilting beat. It's definitely the best song about a Rachel McAdams character since Oasis' "Morning Glory."


"I started writing this song without referring to Regina George at all, it was your classic heartbreak song with a cheesy hook that went something like 'you broke me, blah blah blah,'"  says Zeina. "I was about to trash the song but the beat was too fire. While I went over what I was trying to say my girl sent me a meme from Mean Girls and everything hit me like a big sack of potatoes. At that moment, I knew I had to be responsible for writing the anthem of this iconic character." Listen to "Regina George" below.

Photo by Sayeh.

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