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A Working Miniature Replica Stars Wars Arcade

The detail on this is pretty insane.

Anything featuring Star Wars is always going to pique people’s interest—so to come up with the genius idea of not only building a replica of Atari’s Star Wars arcade game, but to build a mini version that’s a 1/6-scale model standing at 12 inches tall should definitely earn your respect. Or at least a nod of approval.

This is what arcade enthusiast Le Chuck did, replicating Atari’s arcade cabinet and game from 1983. The whole thing took him 80 hours in total, but you can see from the detail in the artwork and the fact that it has a mini-playable version of the game, that this was a labor of love.

The game inside was created by customizing a handheld GPH Caanoo video game and he went to the trouble of handcrafting a fully workable miniature steering yoke from aluminum to play it with. It even has the red lights that light up where you put the coins in. Impressive.

Find out more details about it here.

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