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Stream "The Full Retard" From El-P's Upcoming Album Cancer For Cure

The rapper/producer’s new album is out May 22nd on Fat Possum records.
March 9, 2012, 7:20pm

Rapper/producer El-P, who reunited with his seminal hip hop group Company Flow for a killer performance at The Creators Project: New York 2011, just dropped a track from his upcoming album Cancer For Cure. After several releases on his own Def Jux imprint, El-P is releasing the new album this summer on Fat Possum records, one of the few hip hop artists on that label.

On “The Full Retard,” El-P retains the cryptic lyrics and spacey production that differentiated him early on in his work with Company Flow and his monumental solo record Fantastic Damage. We can’t wait to hear Cancer For Cure in it’s entirety when it’s released on May 22nd.