Listen to Alicia Keys’ New Kanye West-Sampling Song

“That’s What’s Up”, features the blistering monologue from “Low Lights”
January 26, 2017, 10:03am

Alicia Keys is a generous soul: to celebrate her own birthday, she shared new music with the world last night – and not just any new music, but new music that samples Kanye West. As Kanye is such a voracious sampler himself, it's pretty rare that his music is used on the work of others, but Keys has done a fine job on "That's What's Up," which takes the spoken monologue from West's "Low Lights" (off last year's The Life of Pablo) and repurposes it. The track keeps to the speech's subject of gratefulness to a higher power, and was posted on Keys' Facebook page last night alongside the hashtag #gratitude. It features her vocal, strong and effortless as ever, against a sparse beat and lush backing. The video for the track sees her luxuriating, as any self-respecting birthday-haver might, in the sort of enormous bath that anyone would show #gratitude for. Hear "That's What's Up" and watch the video below:

(Image via Alicia Keys on Facebook)