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A Beautiful Commercial Captured Entirely By A Smartphone Camera and Industrial Robots

Icelandic visual artist Harald Haraldsson brings us Moments, an artistic ad revealing the new smartphone’s high-res filming capabilities.
October 9, 2012, 2:27pm

Moments from Harald Haraldsson on Vimeo.

With so many smartphones out there now capable of making cinema-grade videos, there’s an endless amount of debate and discussion on which one comes out on top. Just recently, it seems like one of the biggest contenders against the iPhone series (which now has a film festival of its own) is the latest Samsung Galaxy S3. In this new commercial titled Moments, commissioned by Icelandic telecommunications company [Síminn]( i), visual artist Harald Haraldsson shows us just how well the camera works as the sole image capturer of the video.

In one continuous take, Moments features a model wearing all black appearing and vanishing in different positions in a white cube. The model is holding up a smartphone while an orange industrial robotic arm affixed with a mirror turns to reflect her image. The camera’s movement is smooth and precise, capturing the three-dimensional spatial relationship of the room, the model, and the reflection in the mirror in dynamic shot angles. When the camera and the mirrored robotic arm finally meet, a Samsung Galaxy S3 appears to be attached to an identical orange robotic arm, creating infinite, kaleidoscopic images.

The cool and minimalist style commercial is underscored by an excellent soundtrack by Icelandic electronic artist, Prince Valium.

Images courtesy of Harald Haraldsson.