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MUNCHIES: The Podcast: Adult Contemporary Karaoke Cuisine

On the latest podcast episode, we sing karaoke with chef Gerardo Gonzalez to pay tribute to Winnie's, an old dive bar, and explore why California cuisine is popping up in NYC's Chinatown.

Karaoke is your best friend. With a little liquid courage and your favorite tune, it's there for you during the greatest nights of your life. And karaoke bars are critical ingredients for the wee hours in any big city.

So on the latest episode of MUNCHIES: The Podcast, we're paying homage to the now-defunct legendary New York dive bar, Winnie's, by singing with Gerardo Gonzalez, chef and owner of Lalito in Manhattan's Chinatown.


Winnie's was the stomping ground for hardcore karaoke seekers and the Spice Girls. It opened in the 80s but felt as if it'd been there forever. Almost two years ago, the inevitable happened: the cutthroat New York real estate game forced the bar to close.

Thankfully, great news followed. Gerardo Gonzalez, formerly of El Rey Coffee Bar & Luncheonette, took over the space and began to offer Californian(ish) cuisine, or in karaoke terms—as Gonzalez calls it—"adult contemporary cuisine."

Inside Lalito. Photo by Liz Barclay.

So in honor of Winnie's and the magic of karaoke, we're meeting up with Gonzalez and the Lalito crew to belt out a few songs, hear about the history of the space, and find out what happened that night when the Spice Girls showed up to belt out their jams.

Lalito vegan Caesar salad. Photo by Liz Barclay.

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