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Listen to Jock Club's Leveled Up Remix from Kudatah's New Compilation

The Arizona native's off-kilter "Spark Plug (Mad Money Reshuffle)" will appear on the Canadian collective's upcoming release.
Photo courtesy of artists

Edmonton-based electronic label Kudatah are back with another compilation stacked with 23 tracks from artists including DJ Earl, Jock Club, Blank Body, and more.

Started by Brandon Smith (aka Tendencies), Carter Booth, and Sven K less than a year ago, Kudatah Vol. 2 marks their seventh release. The label announced their arrival in the heat of last summer with the Volume 1 compilation, and quickly followed that with tapes from Sangam, Pulsum, Information Flash, The Magic Valley Tarot Society, and a couple from co-founder Sven K.


Today we're premiering Arizona native Jock Club's "Spark Plug (Mad Money Reshuffle)," a remix of a song released just last month, which recasts the stomping, insistent beat with a spacier, off-kilter shuffle. It's clouded in mystery now, as if a private detective just conned her way into an after-hours club.

The Canadian collective explained to THUMP via Twitter that while there's no central idea or theme to the compilation, the idea that drove it "into fruition was leveling up. Everything is kinda bigger, longer, faster and harder than Vol. 1."They also highlighted that three artists featured—LILLITH twin, Sven K, and Jock Club—all have their own releases planned with the label for later this year.

Listen to "Spark Plug (Mad Money Reshuffle)" below and pre-order Kudatah Vol. 2 digitally or on limited edition cassette via Bandcamp, before it comes out March 31.

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