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Christina Vantzou, 'The Magic of the Autodidact': Slow Builds into Darker Realms

The visual artist and composer offers two haunting meditations on the secrets of night forests.
Image: YouTube

Video artist and composer Christina Vantzou could get away quite easily just releasing her songs as songs and be assured that listeners would come away with a sense of just-creepy gorgeousness soaked into their bones and quite a bit beyond. But she's provided visuals just as deep, an entire series of self-directed videos for both her current record Nº2 and 2011's Nº1 (both LPs out on Kranky). A pair from the current record are below, both overtly Lynchian (the not-quite-aloneness of a dark forest, the disorientation of tracing lights) and something else, or more.

Vantzou's interest in these dark forests is as an escape, it seems, a dreamstate in which people just start fading back into an older realm, flashlights flickering. It's a place where you can have secrets, I suppose.