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Behold, the Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM

Eat your heart out, doubters.
Image: Flickr/Eduardo Merille

When Mike Tyson announced that he was getting into Bitcoin with his very own branded ATM on the Las Vegas strip, many were skeptical. Hell, some commentators even thought that the whole thing might be a scam.

Well, eat your heart out, unbelievers. The Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM is here and it's open for business.

The first @MikeTyson bitcoin ATM announced July is just another @LamassuBTC was expecting more
— Coin ATM Radar (@CoinATMRadar) August 19, 2015


It's, uh, something.

Peter Klamka, CEO of Bitcoin Direct, the company backing the ATM, confirmed to Motherboard in an email that the above photo is indeed authentic, and that today is the ATM's first day online.

As noted by Bitcoin ATM tracking site Coin ATM Radar, the machine appears to be a standard model manufactured by a company called Lamassu. Except for one key difference: Tyson's mug staring you down, like he's daring you to trade your hard-earned fiat money in for a volatile digital analogue.

Coin ATM Radar pegs it as one of Lammasu's one-way models, meaning that users can only buy Bitcoin with it, not trade coins in for money that they can spend at the tables. Although some casinos in Vegas do accept Bitcoin—like The D and the Golden Gate—coins can only be spent at gift shops and some restaurants.

But since Bitcoin is still susceptible to big fluctuations in price—the cryptocurrency just experienced a flash crash that saw its value fall by 14 percent—customers can rest assured that they won't miss out on the thrill of the gamble.