Photo Diary: The First Edition of Electric Island with Pan-Pot
Elif Rey


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Photo Diary: The First Edition of Electric Island with Pan-Pot

Toronto photographer Elif Rey became the third unofficial member of Pan-Pot on Electric Island's first weekend.

At the inaugural edition of Electric Island on Toronto Island, I spent the day with German DJ duo Pan-Pot. Their presence in modern techno is undeniably huge and their legacy only continues to flourish. Although they greeted me while wearing all black, their humor and hospitality was as colourful as the lights and sounds that would later surround them.

From the get go, it felt like we all knew how much fun we were going to have. When we weren't zooming around on boats or hanging with the Martinez Brothers backstage, we were opening up about our lives and what makes us feel passionate outside of work. Who knew we both wanted to be pilots — maybe there's a trend in the EDM scene that everyone secretly wants to fly?


If you were at Electric Island you know just how much they loved playing for Toronto and getting amongst its people. If you missed out, these photos will paint the picture of two playful, funny guys that aren't out to take themselves too seriously, but rather appreciate everything happening around them.

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It became clear that they were important parts of each other's lives—Tassilo, for example, is the proud godfather of Thomas's daughter. It was special to feel like part of their team for one night. I think Electric Island would agree!

Starbucks has no idea what just touched down—straight out of Berlin!

The waiting game.

Everything is going to be a-okay today.

Arriving on Toronto Island—what's in the suitcases?

"This is my first beer in seven weeks," says Thomas.

"I'm going to play everything of Steve Lawler's!" says Tassilo.

Deutscher Fussball-Bund. Are you getting this?

What's up Electric Island!?

If you didn't make it out to your friend's cottage—you better have been here or else you really blew it for the holiday weekend.

The perfect mix of serious and silly.

This is the serious part.

Hi there!

"That was tight—where's the afterparty? "

From island to city, everything was electric.

Smoking Coda out one track at a time.

It's not an afterparty until someone is wearing a fury hat.

Thomas's Dutch clog. He doesn't go anywhere without it!

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