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Arthur Russell's Influential Paradise Garage Anthem "Go Bang! #5" Is Being Reissued

The re-pressing of the 1982 Dinosaur L hit single will include remixes by Francois K and Walter Gibbons.
Courtesy of Audika Records

Get On Down US is reissuing two classic Paradise Garage anthems, both originally released on avant-garde icon Arthur Russell's Sleeping Bag Records.

The first track is a vinyl re-pressing of "Go Bang! #5," a highly influential 1982 dubbed-out space disco cut by Russell's Dinosaur L project. It will also feature Francois K's club remix, and a previously unreleased extended mix by Walter Gibbons as the B-side.

The label 's also reissuing Class Action's 1983 club hit "Weekend," which was produced by New York's Bob and Lola Blank, and includes a mix byLarry Levan.

You can pre-order "Go Bang! #5" here, and "Weekend" here. Both come out April 18.

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