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Watch Now: Headbanging With Seven Lions

Go behind the bass with OWSLA's melancholy-loving metalhead.

OWSLA artist Seven Lions is far from your festival robot—while many DJs live to be on the road stage-diving and roasting babes, Lions' true passion is music production. In this mini-documentary—shot by Jason Ano (of Skrillex "Rock N Roll" video fame)—we go behind the music with this talented young producer, who is known for sewing together dubstep's heavy bass and grit together with the beauty and melancholy of trance and metal.


Catch up to Seven Lions at home and on the beach (with his adorable dog) in Santa Barbara, California, watch him create guitar licks and severe bass drops in his home studio, and learn more about his influences before journeying on the road to see how his blissfully hard sounds rock the biggest concert halls and festival stages in North America.

Afterwards, make sure you check out Seven Lions' newest track, "Serpent of Old," out today on OWSLA
And listen to "Strangers," which just came out on Casablanca.

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