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Go On an Interplanetary Journey with These Two Tracks from Montreal's Tc All-Stars

Hear the first single "Woove/Wooze" from the newly-formed anonymous production collective.
Artwork by Fanny-Jane Pelletier and layout by Jeremy Dabrowski

This article was originally published on THUMP UK.

If you aren't familiar with Montreal's Banko Gotiti Records, then you've been missing out on some of the best warped bedroom pop and lo-fi dance music coming out of Canada right now. Following releases by Pat Jordache and Scott Hardware, today we're premiering a pair of tracks by Tc All-Stars, a new production collective of Montreal DJs and musicians united by what they call a "shared vision of expression through anonymity."

The first offerings from the group, "Woove" and Wooze" arrive confident and fully-formed, with the former full of thumping kicks and echoes of Robin S' classic "Show Me Love." Composed almost entirely of factory M1 sounds, the latter is more mellow, evoking the feeling of a trip to the tropical forest replica at Montreal's Biodôme.

"'Woove' plots a course for deep space and places a sparked nug of holy basil on the console, 'Wooze' touches down on a lush planet and explores the foreign biosphere," the collective tells THUMP via email.

Listen to both tracks below and look for Tc All-Stars' debut release 6595 on cassette out Sept. 2.

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