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Hear the First Taste of Skrillex and Chance the Rapper's New Collaboration

Their ethereal remix of Hundred Waters' "Show Me Love" has leaked online.

Skrillex and Chicago MC Chance The Rapper got together last year for "Coast Is Clear," off Sonny Moore's debut LP Recess on his own OSWLA label, but now footage has leaked with audio of a new, unreleased collaboration. The track in question is a remix of OSWLA artist Hundred Waters' track "Show Me Love" being played out by their labelmate Mija during a gig at Washington D.C.'s Soundcheck venue, Billboard reports. The remix takes the original's beatless composition as a blank canvas for a nice bit of ethereal, moody trap, complimented by an effervescent verse from Chancelor Bennett, AKA Chance.


Last month, Moore told Billboard that he had directed his first music video for a forthcoming collaboration between Hundred Waters and Chance, so we have that to look forward to along with the official release of this remix. Check out the clip below, and have another look at the blockbuster sci-fi epic that is the video for Skrillex's remix of GTA's "Red Lips."

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