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DJ Marfox Announces New EP and Shares Single "2685"

The Portuguese producer's 'Chapa Quente' arrives April 15 on Príncipe.
March 16, 2016, 5:11pm
Photo by Marta Pina

Portuguese producer and batida pioneer DJ Marfox has announced his latest six-track EP, Chapa Quente, out April 15 on influential label Príncipe. He's also shared the first single, "2685," which features a propulsive flute melody and the chaotic, thundering drums he's become known for.

The record was inspired by his world travels, as well as his upbringing in Lisbon's now demolished shantytown Quinta da Vitória, where he came of age amongst immigrants from India, Pakistan, and Cabo Verde.

Listen to the song and check out the EP's tracklist below.

Chapa Quente Tracklist

A1. 2685
A2. Unsound
A3. Tarraxo Everyday
B1. Kassumbula
B2. Cobra Preta
B3. B18

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