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Skream, The Chemical Brothers, and More Reflect on 20 Years of a Legendary UK Party

Check out a THUMP film all about one of the UK's wildest club nights, Bugged Out.
February 28, 2014, 7:00pm

THUMP are proud to present It's Just A Big Disco, a documentary celebrating 20 years of legendary UK club night Bugged Out.

In the post-Hacienda heyday of the Manchester club scene, Bugged Out founders Paul Benney and Johnno Burgess launched a party that became the wildest club night in the city. They imported the best Chicago house and Detroit techno DJs and hosted one of Daft Punk's first ever live shows. Countless club nights have fallen by the wayside through trends and hard times, but Bugged Out has thrived, and their massive Bugged Out Weekender continues to smash it, year in, year out. We chart the night's evolution from pub parties to huge events around the globe by speaking to regulars from over the years, including the Chemical Brothers, Errol Alkan, Green Velvet, Skream, and the night's colorful punters themselves.


Watch It's Just A Big Disco, and see why Bugged Out is still one of the best.