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M.E.S.H. Surprise Dropped a New EP and it's an Avant-Garde Dance Workout

'Damaged Merc' is out now with PAN.
Photo by Philippe Gerlach

In a weird reversal of the mainstream influencing the underground, surprise album drops are becoming fashionable among independent labels. So what else can we do but gratefully accept that American expat and Berlin resident James Whipple, aka M.E.S.H. surprised released a new EP on PAN last night.

The Damaged Merc EP gathers 4-tracks of the helter-skelter avant-garde beat work M.E.S.H. the producer has developed a reputation for. Vocal samples are cut-up and deployed liberally as a drum beat sloshes forth erupting in occasional bursts of break neck speed. It's as though M.E.S.H. was interpreting people working up a sweat on a dance floor made of mud, with dancers slipping into and out of position and at times trying to stay balanced, all while remaining intoxicated by the groove.

Damaged Merc is out now with PAN. Listen to it below.