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Paul Kalkbrenner's "Cloud Rider" Gets an Anonymous Video Mashup with a D-Train Classic

Believe it or not it works!

German artisan Paul Kalkbrenner's revered blend of progressive techno has made him into a national treasure in his homeland, where he once was asked by the German Government to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall by performing at the Brandenburg Gate to half a million people. Since then, the milestones have continued for the soccer kit-loving artist, most recently, the release of his latest artist album 7. Kalkbrenner's long-term album deal with Columbia/Sony International provides him a unique opportunity as a producer: the keys to their master recording vaults AKA a sampler's wet dream. As a result, 7, pairs his dubby techno with some sought-after samples from artists like Jefferson Airplane and D-Train, whose classic belter "You're The One For Me," provided the vocal line to his album track "Cloud Rider."


Paul Kalkbrenner's 'Cloud Rider' vs D-Train from Frankie Wilde on Vimeo.

Always loved by his fans, the release of "Cloud Rider," not only kicked off news of his album, but eventually prompted a resourceful fan to construct a video-mashup of the track's with a classic Soul Train clip of D-Train performing their breakout song back in 1981. It's stuff like this that that truly flexes music's timeless appeal. Party on.

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