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Stockholm Stalwarts Lo-Fi-Fnk Share J-Pop Influenced Single "Pirate Radio"

Fair warning: this track will get stuck in your head.

Many of the music's best productions are born from experience traveling the many corners of our fair planet. The exposure artists have to new sounds while on tour often results in something fresh, different, and even career-defining. What would The Beatles be without their time dropping acid with the Maharishi in India?

The latest single by Stockholm electro outfit Lo-Fi-Fnk is a product of such a revelation while touring Japan. "It was 2012 and I was back home from playing in Tokyo with Lo-Fi-Fnk," the group's Leo Drougge tells THUMP. "We had just discovered J-pop artist Kyary Pamyu Pamyu who was all over Tokyo at the time and after a studio session in Stockholm days later we achieved something very smiley and uplifting."

The achievement Drougge refers to is the band's brand new single "Pirate Radio," and its glistening in the player above. As Drougge's story aptly points out—cheery J-pop vibes are in full effect. The group, including Drougge, his brother Link and August Hellsing, is dropping its third album this year.

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