Justin Bieber's 18-Year-Old Producer is Now Nominated for a Grammy

Steve James is nominated for Album of the Year for Bieber’s album, ‘Purpose.’
February 11, 2017, 6:10pm
Photo via Wikipedia Commons

Many young producers dream of crossing over to the mainstream to produce for some of the industry's most popular performers. Steve James has accomplished just that, all before he can legally drink.

A story in the Metro revealed James is only 18 years old and began as a classical pianist. Among other projects, James contributed to the song "Purpose" off of Justin Bieber's hit album of the same name. Now, James has been nominated for a Grammy for his contribution. Bieber's album is one of five nominated for Album of the Year.

Besides receiving a Grammy nomination, James was also a member of the committee voting for one of this year's categories.

"It's no secret that dance music — especially the new generation — isn't always so well-represented in the Academy because there are so many long-standing members who maybe aren't as up-to-date with what's current," James told the paper. "So [being a Grammy nominee] is a great opportunity to be involved."

Talk about an after school activity! Learn more about James here.