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Disclosure Hit It Big Thanks To These Garage Classics

Just a few of the tracks that inspired the massive garage revival.

Around the turn of the millennium, UK 2-step garage was all the rage. A combination of soulful house inspired by the famous New York nightclub the Paradise Garage, jungle's broken beats and booming bass, and Timbaland-style R&B, 2-step garage garnered commercial and chart success—and its influence lives on today. Once you listen to enough 2-step mixes, whether they were made in the 1990s by DJ EZ or last summer by Disclosure, you'll start to notice that certain tracks pop up in many sets. We put together a list of some of the most popular 2-step tracks of all time.


Dem 2 "Destiny" (Locked On/XL 1997)

Originally released on classic 2-step label Locked On, Dem 2's "Desire" earned a re-release via indie giant XL. Ever since it's release, the track's memorable, jewel-bright chord progression and flirty pitched vocal have made appearances on countless sets from throughout the decades.

B15 Project - Girls Like Us

As the clip embedded above testifies, B15's year hit "Girls Like Us" was big enough to warrant the production of its own music video. While Beyoncé was pounding out R&B anthems for independent women in the USA, B15 was empowering the ladies on the dance floor with this track's bubbling beat and saccharine hook.

702 "You Don't Know (UKG Mix)" (Planet Series 2000)

Although the Reservoir Dogs' remix of "You Don't Know" by American R&B trio 702 never got an official release, the white label definitely got around. In decades past, it made regular appearances on obscure 2-step mixes on Rave Archive, and radio star DJ EZ still rocks it on a regular basis today.

Artful Dodger "Moving Too Fast" (Locked On 2000)

When it comes to making a list about celebrated 2-step tunes, there are entirely too many famous Artful Dodger tracks to pick from. Of course, there are smashes like the Craig David collaborations "Rewind" and "Fill Me In," but a personal favorite here at THUMP is "Movin' Too Fast," a track that appears on many major label-endorsed Pure Garage compilations. The video is amazing.

MJ Cole "Sincere" (AM:PM 1998)

The title track from MJ Cole's 2000 debut full length effort Sincere first appeared in 1998. Legend has it that he made the track in his bedroom, sent one of the 20 pressings to BBC radio DJ Pete Tong, and the rest is history.