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Tiga Before Tiga: Rare Photos and a Hardcore Mix from His Baby Raver Days

No School Like the Old Skool plunges into the Turbo boss' personal archives and emerges with priceless treasures.
November 15, 2013, 1:15am

Get out your notepads…DJ DB has been a fixture in dance music through every renaissance it has has experienced. His archive of DJ mixes and flyers from the 90s rave era are a time capsule of electronic music's first worldwide explosion, in NO SCHOOL LIKE THE OLD SKOOL he shares some of these treasures. Hear new shit he likes here, or connect with him here.

I may have this wrong, but I think Tiga was playing techno and early trance when I first met him sometime in '93 or '94. This mostly classic hardcore mix was converted from cassette yesterday, and has not been heard since in was recorded in '92!

Even back then, he was always super stylish, and the impression I got was that he was as concerned as much with his visual presentation as the listening experience. I know that he opened DNA, a record store in Montreal, in 1994—a couple of years before my partners and I opened Breakbeat Science in NYC. I also vaguely remember the launch of his now powerhouse label Turbo Recordings in 1998.