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Deep Medi's heavy bass operator comes through with irie vibes and rolling rhythms.
August 12, 2013, 8:00pm

It used to be called dubstep for a reason, okay? Not to sound like a crotchety old raver dad or anything, but when the newly conceived genre first made its way over to the North American continent, it was all about weighty basslines and negative space, a cosmic minimalism that bordered on something spiritual or meditative—it was dub, made on a computer. That's where Deep Medi comes in. Run by dubstep shaman and DMZ collaborator Mala, the British label has stuck it out for the deeper end of dubstep, with the jazz and dub-influenced heavy bass operator Silkie at the top of their roster. On his new EP for Deep Medi, Lost Tapes, Silkie keeps it smooth and smoky, balancing irie vibes and rolling rhythms with club-ready wobble bass and hard drums. The six-track EP is out today and we're celebrating with a bananas new mix from the man himself that features many of his closest collaborators within the London grime and dubstep scenes—don't be suprised if you find yourself pulling up a chune or two as you make your way through it. PULL UP!



Quest - Unknown (VIP)
SIlkie - Time Delay
Silkie Ft Skream - Untitled
Bulletproof Ft Pieter T - Take Flight
Silkie, Mite and Distal - Something Wrong With Daisy
Silkie - Boogs Noogs
Mala - Ultrabeat
Preditah - Cherries (instrumental)
Silkie VS Von D - Dub
SIlkie - Anymuzik
B.P.D.R (Bulletproof & Dutty Ranks) - Favela Chase Scene
Benga - Why Is Everything Mono
Silkie - Daylight Savings
Mala - Runaway
Silkie - Preacher's Pain
Silkie - Jazz Dub

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