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Big Dope P and Feadz Put Their Spin on Chicago Booty House With "Momma On Da Flo"

The track comes off Big Dope P's next album 'Hit Da Blokk,' also featuring Rustie, Ikonika, and DJ Earl.
April 17, 2015, 7:15pm

London-based producer Big Dope P teamed up with electro house don Feadz for "Momma On Da Flo," a track that they describe as "our definition of ghetto house in 2015 influenced by that old school Dance Mania sound we both love." The banger is off Big Dope P's upcoming album Hit Da Blokk, which drops on (when else?) April 20. Packing in collaborations with Rustie, Ikonika, and DJ Earl, the album promises to showcase all walks of club bangers.


This is hardly the first time Big Dope P and Feadz have teamed up. "I made a remix on his album Instant Alpha for Ed Banger, and since then we became very good friends and made several tracks together," Big Dope P says. "I don't like to collab with many people production-wise but it's always a pleasure to make music with him." Aw.

"Momma On Da Flo" started out as a remix they did for another artist, but it morphed into something so far from the original that they went ahead and made a new track out of it. Feadz did a live recording of the break and drum track, while Big Dope P built the tune around those elements, as well as chopping sounds and recording vocals.

As for the album Hit Da Blokk, it will be Big Dope P's first since Diggity Two in 2013. "Since [Diggity Two], I made several remixes for the likes of Fool's Gold, LuckyMe where I experimented new things I wanted to introduce in my original work," he says. DJ Earl has been releasing on Big Dope P's label Moveltraxx since 2011, and Rustie was roped in after they met in Glasgow in 2013. Ikonika, on the other hand, was the only artist he didn't know personally, "But I was so in love with her last EP and second album that I really wanted a remix from her," he says. "I'm very proud to have them on my record."

Hit Da Blokk is out on Heka Trax on April 20