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MIXED BY General Ludd

Dive into this sixty-minute mix from the Mister Saturday Night newcomers and good luck with those track IDs.
May 1, 2014, 9:14pm

Led by the DJ tag-team of Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin, the smiley-faced stalwarts at Mister Saturday Night have long provided Brooklynites (and the world) with their beloved roaming dance-party of the same name. In more recent years they've established an internationally renowned label that is constantly pushing a stream of impressive talent, like the duo who crafted our latest MIXED BY—General Ludd.

The Glasgow-based duo's militant moniker is said to be insprired by an Engilsh youngster who, as the tale has it, caused quite a ruckus in his local village by dismembering a pair of stocking frames in the year 1779. I will admit I have zero clue what a "stocking frame" is, but I applaud Ludd's mischevious nature, which now is synonomous with the work of "machine destroyers." Fuck the man, right?

We're amped to welcome this budding DJ/producer pair in the MIXED BY familia and their debut is marked by a dazzling eclectic mix that traces the journey between hypnotic house and techno jams to segments of throwback jazz and dashes of wacky background samples. Throw on some eppulates, dim the lights and let General Ludd lead your brain through the next sixty minutes.

P.S. There's no tracklist, so don't even ask.

David really wants to go fuck up some stocking frames right now. @DLGarber

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