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Diplo Soundtracks Bernie Sanders' Latest Campaign Ad

Diplo: "The movement is powerful."

The dance music world has not been shy about its support for Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. The Vermont Senator has garnered praise from San Francisco producer Bassnectar, been championed by Jersey club queen UNIIQU3 and LCD Soundsystem's Nancy Whang in the form of performances at benefit rallies, and received support on Twitter from NYC polymath Juliana Huxtable and Berlin producer Laurel Halo. And yet while all this suggests his message is certainly striking a chord within electronic music, Sanders may have just gotten his biggest stamp of approval thus far.


Friday, the Vermont senator released a new campaign ad called "It's a Revolution" that features as its soundtrack Diplo's 2014 single "Revolution" (feat. Faustix & Imanos and Kai). The song is a central component of the video, emphasized by the fact that it is presented without any overlaid narration. Diplo, real name Wesley Pentz, has since retweeted the ad from Sanders' twitter account, and responded to a fan's tweet about being moved to tears by the campaign video with the statement: "The movement is powerful."

The movement is powerful — DiP (@diplo)April 2, 2016

This is not Pentz's first time endorsing the candidate, but he certainly hasn't been this loud about it before.

In DFA artist Juan Maclean's guide to the 2016 election, Pentz explained why he would vote for Bernie in the primary; in January, Brooklyn venue Good Room held a fundraiser for the candidate called "Berning Down The House," following a number of previous musically-themed benefits in the city.

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