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Tim Hecker Posted a New Video In a Reddit AMA Thread

The video for "Black Phase" has a slightly political undertone.

Yesterday, electronic soundscapist Tim Hecker took to Reddit for an AMA that ran the gamut from compositional to inspirational inquiries. When it was done, Hecker signed off not just with a wave of his hand, but with a new video.

"Thanks for asking everyone," he wrote. "It's been fun. Signing off now - here's a video for Black Phase from Brett Stabler for Love Streams. Eternal peace."

"Black Phase" was earlier released as a single, and whatever images that conjured in your imagination, in Hecker and director Brett Stabler's, the song takes on a subtle political undertone. Using clips of war and atrocity footage, Stabler blankets the imagery in an oversaturated RGB color palette. Watch it above.

Coincidentally, Hecker was asked about the politics of technology by a Reddit user prior to posting the video. "Bouncing around Wikileaks, to Snowden, Apple/FBI, and recently w/ Panama Papers," wrote user samhoch, "has the trend in digitization or technologies behind these political movements coincided or influenced any aspect of your work with computer music?"

Hecker replied: "I feel like the internet yielded the mode of music I came up with and also is loaded with all these compromises and political issues no one barely speaks about very often."

Hecker's Love Streams is out now with 4AD. Read our recent interview with him here.