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Tangerine Dream's Ulrich Schnauss Explores the Balance of Life and Death in New Video

"Love Grows Out Of Thin Air" is a track off his upcoming studio LP 'No Further Ahead Than Today.'

Tangerine Dream member Ulrich Schnauss has today shared a grief-themed video for "Love Grows Out Of Thin Air," a track off his upcoming fifth studio LP No Further Ahead Than Today. Shot on location in Dublin and directed by London filmmaker Sean James Garland, the clip explores the fictional character of detective Frank "Bunker" Johnson in the aftermath of his young adopted son dying an accidental death by drowning. The video largely centers on he and his wife's experience of loss, mourning, and trauma, and while the characters have no dialogue, Schnauss' larger-than-life synthscapes provide an appropriately heart-wrenching soundtrack.


The producer spoke to THUMP about the video via email. "My music is about trying to translate human feelings into sound—the biggest challenge always has been to find the right balance between aesthetic concerns and emotional impact," he said. "I admire Sean Garland's ability to reconcile these two aspects with such elegance in his visual language, and am therefore very grateful for his contribution, which really is a short film rather than just a music video."

Tangerine Dream recently covered some of the beloved Stranger Things score, slyly hinting at their own influence on it (even if none of the members that actually influenced the score's style are part of the band anymore.)

No Further Ahead Than Today will be released on November 4, and mark his first new album since 2012's A Long Way To Fall.

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