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12 Days of Mixmas | Felix Cartal

Felix Navidad.

We already know Felix Cartal to be one of the more artsy selectors in big room sounds, but this mix was a total switch up from the Vancouverian. There's nary a drop to be found; in fact, it's not a dance set at all. Instead, the Feez's contribution to Mixmas is a moody journey through alternative electronic acts interspersed among some finely curated holiday music that, when framed in this mix, take on wholly different meanings.


In Cartal's words: "I wanted to make something to put on at home for the holidays, with the fireplace on. So I mixed some ambient and electronica with some of my fav Xmas tracks. The holiday season didn't seem like the right time for drops."

Gui Boratto kicks off a long ambient opening until Otis Redding pairs with Moderat. By this point, it's readily evident that this is unlike any other holiday mix you've heard before. Then SOHN follows up Johnny Cash and Aphex Twin sits alongside Philip Glass and The Beatles. We're guessing Felix Cartal is a Peanuts fan, because composer Vince Guaraldi makes several appearances here.

With New Year's Eve fast approaching, this might be your soundtrack to the chill out before the madness picks up again.

Gui Boratto - "Godet"
Vince Guaraldi Trio - "Christmas Time Is Here" (Instrumental)
Jon Hopkins - "Abandon Window"
Otis Redding - "White Christmas"
Moderat - "Let In The Light"
Mr. Mitch - "Don't Leave"
Nathan Fake - "Silent Night"
Johnny Cash - "We Are The Shepherds"
SOHN - "Tempest"
Ibeyi - "River" (Oshun Dub)
Aphex Twin - "Rhubarb"
A Charlie Brown Christmas - Vocal Excerpts
Philip Glass - "Opening" (From Glassworks)
The Beatles - "Christmas Time" (Outro)
Vince Guaraldi Trio - "Skating"
Brian Eno - "1/1"
Daft Punk - "Beyond"
The Whos - "Welcome Christmas"
Trentemoller - "While The Cold Winter Waiting"
Air - "Lost Message"
Vince Guaraldi Trio - "Christmas Time Is Here" (Vocal) [Reprise]