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Watch Tiga Reveal His Keys to Success to University Students in Candid Video Interview

DJ Khaled, eat your heart out.
Photo courtesy of Daily VICE

If you've ever watched a Tiga interview before, then you know he's all about passing on his knowledge to the youth. Last week Daily VICE went to Montreal's University of Quebec, where the veteran French-Canadian DJ and producer had an in-depth conversation with Simon Coutu, touching on his musical beginnings and offering some sage advice to the crowd.

When asked about the secret to his career longevity, the Turbo Recordings founder said, "Confidence is extremely important." Referencing his 2014 single "Bugatti," he added, "Those ideas are so dumb, so fragile, that the idea is here and it easily can go either way. If your friend says, 'Whoa, that's dumb,' maybe you'll leave it. And if you're sensitive, people around you will always have an opinion, and most of the time it's negative. So to have the confidence to stand your ground, and protect your idea for long enough for people to see it's a good idea, that's really important." To quote another famous entrepreneur and musician, "major keys" indeed.

Watch the interview below and listen to The Black Madonna's recent remix of Tiga's "Blondes Have More Fun," off the producer's 2016 album No Fantasy Required.

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