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Explore Bud Light Sensation with Afrojack

On November 29, Afrojack is going to make you forget all about Paris Hilton.
November 19, 2014, 8:25pm

In the world of dance music, few have enjoyed the meteoric success of Nick van de Wall, better known as Afrojack.

Since he exploded into mainstream dance music's consciousness with 2011's mega hit "Take Over Control," the Grammy award winning producer has done it all. From headlining the largest dance music festivals on the planet, including Ultra, Tomorrowworld and Electric Daisy Carnival, to collaborating with a laundry list of A-list celebrities, such as Beyonce, Madonna and Usher. Along the way, he helped popularize Dutch house and was a driving force behind the crossover commercialization of EDM. Oh yeah, and he also gained notoriety for dating and "teaching" Paris Hilton how to DJ—the jury is still out on whether we should hold that against him or not. Love him or hate him, it's hard to ignore his incredible success; despite his relatively young age—Afrojack is only 27—it feels like he's been a brand name for a decade.

What can you expect when Afrojack takes center stage on November 29 in Toronto for Bud Light Sensation: Into the Wild? In contrast to other performers like Eric Prydz and Mr. White, Afrojack is known for putting the "big" in big room house. Expect to hear cuts off Afrojack's debut album Forget the World, as well as his recent collaborations with Martin Garrix, Steve Aoki and David Guetta. If high energy build-ups and colossal climaxes are your particular brand of vodka—and something tells us that many of you are nodding your heads vigorously—then Afrojack's "main stage" performance is the perfect antidote for those suffering withdrawal symptoms following the end of the summer festival season.

Need to get reacquainted with the former Mr. Paris Hilton? Check out a pair of his most recent sets down below for a taste of the Flying Dutchman.

If you haven't grabbed tickets yet to Sensation, you can do so here