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Låpsley Explores Tbilisi's Emerging Club Scene

The British producer and singer takes us behind the scenes of the booming clubs of the Georgian capital in our latest doc, presented by YouTube Music.

Låpsley is a rising British producer and singer, who released her debut album Long Way Home earlier this year on XL. In our latest documentary, presented by YouTube Music, the talented musician demonstrates a different skill set: she's also an intrepid music journalist, taking us into the heart of the blossoming electronic music scene in Tbilisi, Georgia. There, electronic music has become a powerful force among a younger generation who crave space to be themselves. We meet the DJs, promoters and producers responsible for crafting a new environment of tolerance and political action on dance floors hidden within the city's towering Soviet architecture. We go to clubs under football stadiums and in cafes, and the city's only record store; we meet fearless techno producers and promoters who risked it all to dance. Come with us as we explore one of the world's most exciting scenes.