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Bassnectar and Justin Martin Appear on Tommie Sunshine's 'Rave for Bernie' Compilation

DJs and producers want ravers to feel the Bern.
Photo via Flickr user Phil Roeder

Once, it was cool to Rock the Vote. Now, it's time to Rave the Vote.

With the race for Democratic presidential nominee still up in the air, the dance music community is working overtime in support of its pseudo-chosen leader, Bernie Sanders. As Billboard reports, DJ and producer Tommie Sunshine has curated a compilation titled #RaveForBernie. The project involves both previously-released and new material from artists such as Bassnectar, ill-esha, Dirtybird's Justin and Christian Martin, Reid Speed, and Z-Trip, as well as from Sunshine himself.

"This compilation is important to me for two reasons," Sunshine said in a press release. "One is to rally support around a man who is trying to change our world for the better. Two is simply to show that electronic music artists can galvanize around a cause and change the conversation within our scene. Each artist involved here is passionate about Bernie and isn't afraid to be vocal about it. I believe this is important because California has the chance to show the world that we want real change. Enjoy this music and please vote on June 7th."

In Los Angeles, local DJs are channeling their political leanings into a party called LA's Berning. Scheduled for this Sunday, June 5, the event will see a variety of back-to-back sets including Droog, Eduardo Castillo, Jon Charnis, Anton Tumas, Deep Jesus, Mr C, Mikey Lion, Plastic Love, Psychemagik, and more at Sound Nightclub. Rather than have attendees pay at the door, they have set up a page for donations (at a $10 minimum), of which all proceeds will go to the campaign. View the Facebook event page here.

The dancefloor Bern has been raging for a while. Artists such as The Juan Maclean, Bassnectar, UNIIQU3, LCD Soundsystem's Nancy Whang, Juliana Huxtable, and Laurel Halo have publicly shown their support for the Vermont senator, and Brooklyn venue Good Room hosted a fundraiser in his honor in January. Diplo took his endorsement to the next level by lending his aptly-titled track "Revolution" to a Sanders campaign ad, and Toronto duo Speaker Face gifted their new EP, The Bern, to fans who could prove they donated to Sanders's campaign.