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Did A Reddit User Just Uncover a New Justice Track?

The latest chapter of the French duo's comeback took place at Barcelona's Sónar Festival.
Photo courtesy of the artists

The latest development in Justice's long-overdue comeback has given fans cause to D.A.N.C.E in celebration. Nine years on from the release of their debut album, Cross, and five from their last release, Audio, Video, Disco, a new song seems to have emerged from the iconic French duo, thanks to the handy sleuthing work of one Shazam-wielding Redditor.

The latest chapter in Justice's slow-burning saga began inconspicuously last month with what was otherwise an ordinary DJ set at Barcelona's Sónar Festival by Busy P, Boston Bun, and Para One of French label and collective Ed Banger (also home to Justice). The first track of the two-hour set, an unidentified dreamy, space disco groover, caught the attention of outlets such as The French Shuffle, which speculated that the duo might be behind it, despite the sound being quite removed from their typical jagged electro.

Once the article made it to Reddit, user Ronny_t37 put the track to song-identifying app Shazam (via iPhone's Siri), which pulled up a track called "Safe And Sound" by one Justice. THUMP has reached out to Justice's publicist for confirmation of the track and is awaiting a response.

Justice's return has been unfolding at a drip-feed pace. Ed Banger boss Busy P first hinted at a new album from the duo of Xavier de Rosnay and Gaspard Augé back in 2013 during a Reddit AMA, and then confirmed in 2015 that it was indeed on the way. Last year, they also came out of hiding for a select handful of appearances, including a guest mix on NTS Radio, a DJ set at London's XOYO, and a NYE performance in New York. In April, their label, Because Music, posted a photo on Twitter of them signing paperwork.

Watch Ed Banger at Sónar below and hope that more Justice music surfaces sooner rather than later.