This story is over 5 years old.

So I went to Detroit with a camera phone

and it was fun!

I don't understand why people keep looking at the stage during festivals. VJ-ing sucks 99% of the time and honestly what's the point looking at a guy turning knobs you can't even see from the dance floor. OK, Nicolas Jaar has some sweet dance moves, but there are barriers, security guys and a bunch of cables between you and him, so forget about it girls! Instead of rubbernecking at the stage, people should look around them at the true festival spectacle, the sea of dancers sweating and cheering for every jam. With a little luck you might even find somebody to sleep with, and if not, the people watching is pretty fun on its own. That's what I did in Detroit during the 14th edition of Movement Festival. And it was fun.


Antoine takes pictures with his phone during festivals, he also tweets sometimes - @AdePointZero