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T-Mobile’s Obscure $30 Plan Now Works With the Latest Un-carrier Perks

A temporary glitch prevented subscribers of a little-known $30 data plan from signup for things like free pizza and movie tickets.
T-Mobile CEO John Legere looks delighted to have launched the latest “un-carrier” perks. Image: T-Mobile

As a longtime subscriber of T-Mobile's obscure $30 per month prepaid plan (which includes 5 gigabytes of 4G data and 100 voice minutes per month), I watched Monday's announcement of its latest round of "un-carrier" perks, including free Domino's pizza on Tuesdays and free tickets to the upcoming Warcraft movie, with great interest! That's why it was so disappointing when I couldn't sign up.

Thankfully, and at Motherboard's prodding, T-Mobile managed to rectify the issue overnight.


As of Tuesday morning, fellow subscribers to that $30-per-month plan should be able to sign into the T-Mobile Tuesdays mobile app, which is where you redeem the aforementioned un-carrier perks, without issue. When trying to sign in yesterday, the app merely returned an error message:

I'm a T-Mobile customer but I don't qualify for the Tuesday gimmick, must be my top secret $30 plan. Lame.
— Nicholas A. Deleon (@nicholasadeleon) June 6, 2016

It's unclear how popular this particular plan is (it's several years old, T-Mobile no longer advertises it, and you really only see it mentioned in message board threads frequented by grizzled tech veterans like myself), but people on places like Reddit similarly wanted to know why they weren't able to sign up.

T-Mobile blamed a temporary issue with its systems, telling Motherboard that only a small number of people were affected. Regardless, of course, it's good to see T-Mobile work overnight to fix the problem.

Why should you care? For one, with the exception of its Stock Up program (which grants shares of T-Mobile stock to postpaid subscribers), these latest "un-carrier" perks were advertised for all postpaid customers, even those who've decided to jump through hoops to find a plan that's buried on T-Mobile's website. Two, it would look pretty lame on T-Mobile's part to proclaim how "hip" and "cool" it is only to leave behind paying customers.