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Ronnie Pickering is Set to Make His Debut Nightclub Appearance in Coventry

But the booking has sparked outrage online amongst Coventry clubbers.
October 14, 2015, 10:10am

Road rage icon and famed bare knuckle fighter Ronnie Pickering is officially available for nightclub bookings. The news has broken that Pickering is set to appear at The Kasbah in Coventry, the appearance confirmed by the club via Twitter and Facebook on Tuesday. Surprisingly the announcement hasn't actually enjoyed the warm reception you'd imagine the news of an aggressive Picasso driver wandering around a dance-floor posing for selfies would receive — with many denouncing the Kasbah's decision.


The club were flooded with comments on Facebook and Twitter. Jack King responded to the announcement, insisting the club should "hang [their] head in shame", while a similarly disapproving Scott Varney tweeted "endorsing this bloke and his behaviour is not cool." The outrage was clearly enough for the Kasbah to release a statement, which they did on Facebook last night. Their statement reads as follows:

"Oh Chill Out FFS!!!
In response to the people saying Ronnie Pickering is a 'very silly' and 'uncool' booking well we wholeheartedly agree! Fridays are a hands in the air, singalong, end of the week party night and the emphasis is purely on fun and cheese. The people we book reflect that and don't take themselves too seriously either as Chuckle Brothers showed last week and S Club the week before. For the more discerning clubber we have Grandmaster Flash, Shadowchild and Hot 8 Brass Band flying in from New Orleans all in the next few weeks.
If you don't like it, don't come,simples."

Comments underneath the statement include, "Kasbah night club is shit" and "this is the kind of shit as to why nobody likes going out in Coventry."

SUPERRRRR SUPER RON!!! SUUUUPPEER SUPER RON, SUPPER RONNIE PICKERING!!! — Coventry Kasbah (@KasbahCoventry)October 13, 2015

Regardless of the controversy, it looks like the club appearance is going to go ahead. How Coventry will respond remains to be seen. We hope the current unrest expressed on the internet doesn't manifest into physical protest.

Then there is the more pressing question of what a Ronnie Pickering nightclub appearance will actually look like. Will he walk around the club in a big inflatable Picasso? Will he stand staring at the bottom of a pint glass while 250 students yell "let's have a bare knuckle fight then" at him? Or will he simply end up stuck outside, with a promoter who can't find his name on the guest-list, yelling "Ronnie Pickering" in vain?

We only have to wait until October 23rd to find out. See you there.

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