This story is over 5 years old.


Get Ready for Boiler Room's Globetrotting 5th Birthday Party

The livestream pioneers are getting the goodie bags ready for the biggest birthday bash since Elton's last party.

Since its inception in a tiny little basement somewhere in deepest London five years ago, Boiler Room has pretty much changed the game. Who knew that watching DJs play out live in clubs from the comfort of your living room would turn out to be the best way to spend a weekend night since the heady days of six cans for a fiver and Pro Evo sessions?

Having now hosted pretty much every DJ of note, in the world in cities all over the world, the BR boys and girls are going all out next month with a massive 5 city party. On the 5th of November there'll be indoor fireworks flying off in Tokyo, London, Berlin, New York and LA. This is truly what Guy Fakwes would have wanted. He loved bangers, right?

Details are a little slim at the moment but head over to the BR site for an exciting AV blast and get ready for full line up announcements over the next few weeks. In the meantime, why not treat yourself to a watch of these classic Boiler Room meets 90s screamers moments?

Boiler Room's 5th birthday takes place all over the world on the 5th of November.