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Second Storey's Back with Some Warehouse-Ready Avant-House

Stream "Critters" from the forthcoming Spin Cycle EP on Nervous Horizon right now.

Do you like warehouse-ready avant-house that clanks and clunks and fizzes and whirrs and sounds sort of like a washing machine full of ball bearings being thrown down a cliff? You do? Great. Listen to this exclusive track from Second Storey's forthcoming EP on club music label Nervous Horizon right now.

Following on from releases on the likes of Houndstooth, Aus, and R&S, Alec Storey's debut on the London based imprint, the Spin Cycle EP, sees him getting seriously weird in the spaces between Wire-friendly experimentation and FACT-friendly dancefloor thud, and it is an absolute rocket.


We decided to bring you lot a listen to "Critters" which we've assumed is about the 1986 movie in which a race of small, furry aliens make lunch out of the locals in a farming town. Check out the track and an interview with Storey below.

THUMP: Reckon you could have a Critter in a fight?
Second Storey: I'm not much of a fighter so it'd probably have my guts for garters. I'd obviously try and make friends with it before it got to this point.

How come people don't make films like Critters any more?
I don't know. The comedy-horror genre must be due for a resurgence.

A Critter from Critters is coming to yours for Christmas dinner: what are you cooking the little bugger?
Festive deep fried whole Critter accompanied by mulled Ethanol.

The Spin Cycle EP arrives on December 9th via Nervous Horizon

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